L’amour sur les mains, 2022. Lannéanou, FR. See France murals


January  17 - 23
Our first mural of 2023 painted in Kailua, Hawaii. See photos here 

February 11
Open Studios
Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, France


A couple of painters in Paris.


Symbol, 2021. Acrylic on linen, 73x92cm. See canvases

Lune de Miel exhibition, Paris, FR. See exhibition photos


We create large format walls and figurative canvases that convey the deeper nature of an energy- an underlying representation of a protective personality. The creation of our works is an act of homage to the ephemeral emotional experiences that we transmit and share to the world in a timeless way. Equity is also an omnipresent force in our duo. Both living in Paris- Jomad, French portrait painter from the school of graffiti and Andrew Agutos, American artist with a BFA in Painting/Drawing.

Ultimately, the works convey an ongoing conversation between the two artists where reality is made through a maternal gaze. With clashing undertones of classical figuration and multiple languages of abstraction, the underlying topics of family and community are tackled and emphasized in an energetic blend. This assembly of knowledge based on human values constitutes all of our work.

Racines entrecoupées, 2022. Paris, FR. See France murals


Printed recto verso on premium cardstock with a cushioned finish.

A ruled ‘notes’ section implies and encourages the re-imagined functionality of a traditional postal card.

6 styles available.

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Signed, numbered and dated by the Artists.

Printed in Paris, France.

©2022 Paris, France